January 30, 2016


H Gourmet & Vibes already attracted me since the first time they opened around last year. Especially their ultimate and famous Meat & Bread dishes. Finally, I got a chance to try 'em with my fellow mates from JUNO Production. The place is actually inside a shared building, and the restaurant is at the 3rd floor with smoking & non-smoking area. The ambience in here is nice, with lots of wooden furniture and vintage decorations.

P.S.: The big clock behind the bar is a real life clock! :p

January 12, 2016


So happy to hear that there's a new coffee shop opened at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara. The place is really easy to find because it's located at the newest shop region in PIK, where there's still a few place that opened, right in front of PIK's Hospital.

Native Coffee Tribe have a lovely homey indoor & outdoor space, with classic wood interior. Although the outdoor space is pretty small with only two tables. The indoor is also quite small but enough for quite a lot of people.