April 14, 2016


To be exactly yesterday, April 13th 2016. My friends and I from @hifcreative went to IKEA Alam Sutera, Indonesia. We went there to buy lots of furniture for our new office that will be open soon! yeay!

We arrived there at 02.30 p.m. and went to the restaurant first to fill our tummy! It's one of that regular day at IKEA, where you can go around, looking for the perfect furniture, take some photos and eat the famous meatballs, and last but not least the ice cream!

But then something happened.

Right before we got check out at the cashier, there's a warning "Attention to all customer" that we've to get out to the building right now. We didn't know what happened, but because we already near the cashier the exit door is really close to us. So we all ran out from the building and we're pointed to go to the evacuation point.

We didn't have much time to take our car in the basement because the officers won't let us :( So there's nothing we can do but to ran outside the building. We didn't know what exactly happened, we asked one of the office and he said that there's something but he won't say anything to us. Until we heard that there's a bomb terror that said that the place will blow out in 10 minutes.

A friend of mine got lucky to rushed to get his car out, despite the securities already forbid him to go inside. But, he just don't listen and still go to get the car. But I couldn't. So we must wait until they let us go inside to get our car to go home, but we're waiting, and waiting, and waiting, but it's just too long.

My friend who got his car out suggest that we go somewhere to eat since we couldn't do anything here and it's already near dinner time. So, we decided to go and will come back there later.

After we had our dinner, we went back to IKEA to see how the condition is. GeganaThe anti-bomb terror division is already there to sweep the whole building to see if there is any bomb from the report.

I personally really disappointed about how the Gegana came sooooo late. The evacuation is at 5.30 p.m. and they said that they will do the screening process for about 15-30 minutes. But the Gegana arrived at around 7.30 p.m.. If there's really a bomb in there, I bet that it's exploded already.

We waited for like another 30 minutes and finally, they allowed us to go inside the building after stating that there is no bomb at all at IKEA's building.

Then. we continue our checkout, and get our car back.
Thanks God for protecting us, that there's nothing really bad happened and that we're still able to go home safely.

It was an interesting but quite scary experience.
Whoever did that bomb prank terror call, screw you!

Compilation from my snapchat (lilmoniqz)

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