January 25, 2017


February 26th, 2012.
I got a chance to meet Wong Fu Productions. :D
Actually, I wasn’t planning to buy any of Wong Fu’s Meet & Greet ticket because I’m not allowed to go.
I was so sad, until at Saturday night (before the day), I was expressing my sadness through twitter, until I found out that one of my cousin (who was working at Yahoo Indonesia) is gonna be the one who interviewing them!
I was so happy to hear that, and contacted her right away! And with a few conversation, she said that she got the last meet & greet ticket for me! It was my first ever going to a meet & greet or any fanmeeting, so I never knew how it goes. Really excited and nervous at the same time! :p

January 20, 2017


You know that moment when you are very very very hungry and usual food won't please you? The answer is: all you can eat buffet! I was hungry and thought that maybe this is the perfect place to come, and it is true.

Shabu Ghin located at Senopati, South Jakarta. They opened from 11 AM till 11 PM. The place is quite cozy, and homey, with some Japanese decoration (of course). They got a second floor (maybe 1.5 floor since it's just a few stairsteps) that enough for big parties to come.