My name is Monica Lauricia.
I design stuff, I photograph stuff, I eat stuff, I organize stuff.

Grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia since 1994 as the only child in my family. Starting to like and focusing in food & photography since I found Instagram around 2013. My love for food and photography has been growing since then. Trying to make a good feed for my Instagram & learn how to make a beautiful photos like the other Instagram artist.

Finally I can dig myself up until now! Meeting a lot of others food bloggers and Instagram artist, making new friends. Other than that, I also play some music instruments since high school for my school & church's events.

Graduated at Bina Nusantara University and was a student who's majoring in Visual Communication & Design.

Now I'm busy working as:
• Production Team, Photographer & Videographer at DreamWorld Event Organizer (@dreamworld_eo)
• Social Media Manager at Juno Production (@nominapics & @juniapics)
• Admin at HIF Creative (@hifcreative)

I also join one of the biggest Instagram community Handsinframe (@handsinframe) since July, 2015. 

This blog is now a platform for me to share my experiences everywhere and every time. I really hope that I could meet another new people that share the same interest in food & photography.

Thank you for reading my blog! I couldn't be like this if it's not because of you guys! Hopefully you guys can enjoy my writing. Critics and opinions are really welcome!


All images that's posted in this blog may not be reproduced, distributed, sold or used in any form or by any means, without permission from the author. Please contact me personally for the permission (monica.lauricia@gmail.com).

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