November 7, 2016


For this time, we're visiting Fūjin, located at Senopati, South Jakarta. The idea of Fūjin, as quoted from their website, is "to apply traditional Japanese’s art of service, ‘omotenashi’- where thoughtfulness, dedication, meticulous attention to details are key elements".  That's surely a very interesting concept of cuisine for us to try.

I'm coming here with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversary. So, we've booked a table for two, but too bad we're coming at lunch time and found out that the place was quite filled, and our table is not too strategic for us to eat. But, it's okay, after all, we've come to eat, no?

A handwritten greeting card waiting for us on the table. Too bad they spelled my boyfriend's name wrong, but still, it's a beautiful little touch from Fūjin.

Enough with those photos, let's move to food section! Shall we?

We were looking at the menu, and found something interesting. Cheese pizza? In a Japanese restaurant? Why not?

So we ordered Mentaiko Potato Cheese Pizza (S IDR 70K/L IDR 120K), savoury crepes topped with shrimp, mentaiko, potato and melted mozarella cheese. Quite a simple dish, but surely tasteful. Creamy mozarella, fresh shrimp, love it.

On the left, Fūjin Yaki Udon Seafood / Pork (IDR 70K), a Fūjin style teppanyaki udon. On the right, Tuna Tataki (IDR 75K), a Panko coated tuna and avocado with tataki dressing and mayonnaise.  And I love them both!

Pork Belly Syogayaki (IDR 85K) Teppan grilled pork belly with sweet onion and ginger sauce. This is one of my favourite dish at Fūjin here. The pork is soft and full of taste. It's just the portion is a little small, and my tummy craves fot it again and again. We want more!

That's it! Our lunch session is over, and we were having a good time there! Arigatō, Fūjin!

Fujin's Location:

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia) & Shendy Subroto (@shendysubroto

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