June 6, 2017


So it's been a week since the first time Flix Cinema opened. It's Flix Cinema's first theatre, located at PIK Avenue, 3rd floor. I already fell in love with their design and branding at the first sight :p Beautiful, modern, but classy with touches of yellow.

One thing that attracted me to try this cinema is, that it's their first theatre ever and they're having a 50% off promotion until 9th June! (So, grab your ticket fast!!!)

First time here, I planned on watching The Pirates Of The Caribbean.
Planned to try their first class servicePlatinum class, but end up to Silver class, because they're full booked.

I didn't got a chance to take a picture of the inside of Silver Hall but basically the chair is like CGV Blitz's, the one that you have to flip-them-down first before you sit. But honestly, I don't like the chair because it's too straight and packed. So I was really uncomfortable for the past 2 hours inside :( Sorry Flix, but it's my own opinion :p

Eventhough I disappointed with the Silver class, I still want to try their Platinum Hall. So, I went there again last Sunday to watch Wonder Woman - Platinum Hall.

PS. If you want to queue for Platinum class, there's another counter inside. Platinum class' counter is not the same with Silver and Gold.

I got in the hall almost late so I can't get the picture when the chairs still in order, but here's the view of the studio after the movie ended. The hall is not too big but not too small either, it can contain max 24 people inside.

What I love about this Platinum Hall is the reclining sofa. It. Is. Comfy. Plus there's a blanket available for each chair and a table between the seats. Pretty much like XXI's Premiere with some improvements.

As you can see, there's a table between the seats, and a cup holder. I took this picture from the first row - far right when the movie hasn't started, so the lamp is still on.
There's the blanket, and the reclining sofa's button where you can adjust your back and your footrest.

Last but not least, my most favorite thing in this class is this USB Charger! XD
So we don't have to worry anymore if our battery phone is almost died, just leave it charging while you're watching your movie! The USB Charger is located under the table.

Personally, I love the Platinum Hall, so comfy and worth to try! And I already bought The Mummy ticket for the Platinum Hall again before the promotion ended lol :p

Really want to try the Gold Hall too though. I heard that the chair is also comfortable with reclining sofa too but with limited feature, and USB Charger also available, but without blanket.

Flix Cinema's ticket price is a little bit more expensive than the others, so I don't know if they can keep up with the crowd after the promotion or not.

Here I've summed up all of the Hall's details and prices from their Instagram:

For now, you can only check their schedule via social media, since their website is still under development.

For more information, you can visit their Instagram account @flixcinemaid !
Happy Watching! :)

Flix Cinema's Location:

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia)

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