April 14, 2016


To be exactly yesterday, April 13th 2016. My friends and I from @hifcreative went to IKEA Alam Sutera, Indonesia. We went there to buy lots of furniture for our new office that will be open soon! yeay!

We arrived there at 02.30 p.m. and went to the restaurant first to fill our tummy! It's one of that regular day at IKEA, where you can go around, looking for the perfect furniture, take some photos and eat the famous meatballs, and last but not least the ice cream!

But then something happened.

April 4, 2016


Who knows that coffee trend is still going on in Jakarta. Well here it is, Coffee Kulture is opening it's second outlet at Baywalk Mall! Yippie! :D

The place is much brighter and bigger than the first outlet at Muara Karang. I like this second outlet more because the ambience is more homey & warmer than the first one, plus I like the new branding more ;)