April 4, 2016


Who knows that coffee trend is still going on in Jakarta. Well here it is, Coffee Kulture is opening it's second outlet at Baywalk Mall! Yippie! :D

The place is much brighter and bigger than the first outlet at Muara Karang. I like this second outlet more because the ambience is more homey & warmer than the first one, plus I like the new branding more ;)

As you can see that the furniture's use lots of wooden furniture. And there's lots of lights in the middle of the row, just like in the sideway road.

In case you couldn't find this place, go to the lowest floor of the mall, then go through Baywalk Tunnel. You will see a small window door right across you, go outside and go left! There it is, Coffee Kulture!

For the coffee, I like this Affogato (40K) so much!
I guess this was the best Affogato that I've ever taste. Basically, it's a normal Affogato where there's an espresso and vanilla ice cream. But this one have some pieces of chocolate wafer like Beng Beng at the bottom! Surprising!

And this cute little bear's Hot Matcha Latte (37K).
The Matcha Latte is awesome, taste and smell great. Not too sweet or taste weird. Perfect for cold weather!

I haven't got a chance to try the food there. But I saw some of the pictures and I bet it's amazing! Will update this blog again if I got a chance to try it :)

Coffee Kulture's Location:

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia) & Shendy Subroto (@shendysubroto

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