March 9, 2016


I've never noticed this place every time I passed the street, the place is barely crowded & doesn't look like a restaurant from the outside. Until one day, I got invited by Hello Smithies for a food tasting session at this restaurant. The food was splendid! I went there again for the second time. This place is located at Jl. Senopati no. 66, right beside Collete & Lola. The building have 3 levels, where the 1st level is for the restaurant, and the 2nd & 3rd is a craft shop, named Temple Trees.

The place is not that big, but it has an indoor and an outdoor space. The ambience in this place is really homey, with a nice sofas, wooden chairs, and really nice natural light from outside. The decoration itself is really unique, because the owner of this restaurant is from Sri Lanka.

The variations of the food is focusing on Asian food, some from Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesian. It's not too pricey, and the food is also delightful & pleasant!

For the appetizer, I ordered the Bun Bo Xao (35K), basically it's a traditional Vietnamese Cold Salad, with vermicelli, beef & sweet and sour sauce. This one is so yummy, and the sauce is incredible! I really like this one, in fact, I really want it again right now :')

As for the main course, I ordered Nasi Goreng Ijo (40K) and Nasi Bali (42.5K). Both of 'em are really great! The Nasi Goreng Ijo is complete with crackers and egg, plus there's a sausage and cucumber inside the rice, eat it together and it's really scrumptious! The portion is quite big for one person but not that spicy. And for the Nasi Bali, it contains shredded spiced chicken, egg, potato cutlet, tempe, and others vegetables. Plus there's a Sambal Bali and Sambal Matah too! The Sambal is spicy and delicious, mix it with all of the food there for a better taste.

It was such a pleasant afternoon spending time in here, great food and great place. Thanks Cubbyhole for the great experience! Will definitely come back for more :)

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Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia) & Shendy Subroto (@shendysubroto

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