January 30, 2016


H Gourmet & Vibes already attracted me since the first time they opened around last year. Especially their ultimate and famous Meat & Bread dishes. Finally, I got a chance to try 'em with my fellow mates from JUNO Production. The place is actually inside a shared building, and the restaurant is at the 3rd floor with smoking & non-smoking area. The ambience in here is nice, with lots of wooden furniture and vintage decorations.

P.S.: The big clock behind the bar is a real life clock! :p

If you ever saw picture of a big burger in people's Instagram feed, with nice wood plating and sauces beside them, probably it's H Gourmet & Vibes'. They're really famous with their Meat & Bread Dishes. Let's take a peek of what it's looks like.

This long bread with meat inside is their recommended Phillycheese (95K). They called this the Philadelphia's pride. The meat's made from a sliced grilled rib-eye, with truffle oil, caramelized onion & melted cheese. What I like about this one is the cheese galore!

And the first big stack of burger is their famous (H) Stack (115K)! Made from 200g patty, with coleslaw & the signature (H)ouse aioli sauce. You can add something such as, sunny side up (15K) or double deck it! (45K).

For the second one is Salmon Stack (115K). They called this the Seattle's stapple. Made from 150g battered salmon, cream cheese aioli, abugula & apple! The salmon itsef is really generous and big, with a nice touch of apple's taste. Oh and don't forget the onion rings for the side!

The last picture down here is Rice & Shine (95K), you can choose the meat either beef, pork, or chicken, and you can also choose the serving style such as House Style or Indonesian Fried Rice Style. I didn't get a chance to try this one because it's my friend's. But, he said that it's good!

I honestly really like all of the food here, and the place is really nice to spend at. The only thing that's been bothering me is the bread from all of the burger's choices. Actually the bread is really moisty and buttery. So good and smells really nice, at first. But after you eat it a little while, the butter can makes you feel a little nauseated, because the butter taste is kinda too much.

For the record, I didn't regret a little bit to try this restaurant. Located near the heart of Jakarta, and the place is easy to find. Make sure you make yourself a time to try H Gourmet & Vibes! Don't forget to take a lot of picture because the place is a-ma-zing!

H Gourmet & Vibes's Location:

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia) & Indra Wijaya (@indraaawn)

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