November 23, 2015


People said, “Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.”
Well, I found this feeling when I’m looking at the ORORI’s products.
What’s ORORI?

ORORI is the pioneer of jewelry online store in Indonesia since 2004. Actually they had a real store at some Mall in Jakarta, but now, since the digital era is rising, they changed their concept to online store, which is easier & more efficient.

ORORI’s office is located at Gedung 46 Abdul Muis, Jakarta Pusat. You can also come, consult, and see some of their jewelries being displayed there.

ORORI itself is focusing in selling wedding rings with high quality. Not only that, they also sell engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Beside jewelries, here in ORORI you can find a jewelry box, jewelry cleaner, ANTAM & PAMP.

This is some of their beautiful diamond ring, the top one is WR-1020 and the bottom one is WR-1031.

Both of them are my favourite amongst the others. The design is simple yet still pretty, with bigger diamonds in the middle. Really pretty! 

This one is the gold bracelet & earring, my favourite one! The type of the bracelet is IB-1060. I like how the gold make swirl dimensions and it's really beautiful. And the type of the earring is IE-1038, a gold earring with diamond-ish texture.

The last one is the necklace & pendant. ORORI sell the necklaces and pendants separately, so you can mix & match which pendant you want to use with which necklace. I like simple things, so I picked the basic classic necklace with some beautiful pendants that I really like. The first one is the diamond pendant with type WP-1039, and the second one is the gold pendant with type IP-1089. I personally like the first pendant more because it have little heart shapes and it's really cute. 

Well, it's really nice to try and see a lot of ORORI's diamond & gold jewelry collections. All of em are perfectly made! Even though ORORI only sell their products online, but you have no worries if you want to buy the jewelry right here, at the office. Their service is really good and quite fast, a guarantee for every jewelry, and a lot of promotion available too!

Oh! And don't forget to buy their jewelry cleaner! This one is some of the cleaner that they sell, Gold & Silver Polishing Mitts.

Make sure you come by and take a look at! The only online jewelry store for you!

Photos by Shendy Subroto (@shendysubroto

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