November 8, 2015


Finally I'm here, at Jeans Chilli Chicken! Been waiting so long to try this restaurant that located at Gandaria City Mall. I heard that this korean restaurant serve the best Buldak (Korean dish made from heavily spiced chicken), especially the Buldak Cheese.

The place is not too big but can fit a lot of people, located at Upper Ground, Gandaria City; in front of Churreria Cafe & Bebek Bengil.

Everything on the menu looks so promising & appetizing!
So, I decided to try the famous Cheese Chilli Chicken, EQ Honey Fried Chicken, Chilli Chicken Egg Roll, and Rice Ball. I ordered the small size for all of them.

First, this one is the EQ Honey Fried Chicken.
They served this in 3 size; Large - IDR 92K, Regular - IDR 72K and Small - IDR 38K. Basically, this is a chicken wings & drumettes, served with their special honey sauce. The texture of the skin is really crunchy with lovely tender meat. The honey sauce is sweet and a little bit sour, so juicy and delicious! So far, this one is my favourite in this place!

And this one is the Chilli Chicken Egg Roll, only come in 2 size; Regular - IDR 42K and Half - IDR 25K.
I only ordered half portion, but the egg roll is amazingly so thick! I wonder how many eggs they use for 1 portion of this. Inside the egg, there's another chilli chicken meat, plus, melting mozzarella cheese inside it! Oh, I love it so much!

Here it is, the famous Cheese Chilli Chicken!
They served this in 3 size; Large - IDR 108K, Regular - IDR 88K, and Small - IDR 62K.
Grilled BBQ chicken fillet, with a korean chilli and topped with melting mozzarella cheese. To be honest, this Buldak is kinda too hot for normal people. But, because I enjoy eating spicy food, this one is an average for me.

Little tips, you have to eat this Cheese Chilli Chicken while it's still hot if you want the cheese to be still melting while you pick it. Because it took me some time to took the pictures, and it makes the chicken gets cold already & the cheese kinda 'freeze' itself. So, no melting mozzarella for me :(

Last but not least! Rice Ball - IDR 20K!
In Korea, they called this Ju Meok Bap. This food usually served for the soldiers at war, but nowadays, people can eat this anytime and in fact it's really delicious! I'm a really big fan of Ju Meok Bap, I can just eat it for myself without anything else!

It's really fun to eat this Rice Ball in here, because you have to make it into a smaller ball before you eat it. And special at this Jeans Chilli Chicken, they have a special rule and how-to before you eat it!


First, cut the Chilli Chicken into small pieces.
Second, mix the chicken and the rice together with your hand.
Third, make it into some small rice balls.
Fourth, enjoy!!

It's a really delightful night, spending time eating dinner here. Pleasant food, pleasant place, and good hospitality. For the drink, I ordered Oksusucha - it's an authentic Korean Roasted Corn Tea. The unique roasted taste is what makes the tea felt original and special.

Actually, I kinda curious to try the other menu, such as Chilli BBQ Chicken Feet and Seafood Cake Soup! Good job, Jeans Chilli Chicken!
Really need to have another bite! ♥ 

Jeans Chilli Chicken's Location:

Photos by Shendy Subroto (@shendysubroto

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  1. I came across your blog while looking for some chilli chicken recipes and liked a lot. How amazing! I will keep an eye on your post.