September 12, 2016


Say hello to the newest Korean Noodle Restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk! Noodle King is here right at the first block of Rukan Crown Golf, PIK, right between Shirokuma and Martabak Pecenongan. If you ever heard about Han-Ok Korean BBQ before, this is the place! The owner is Korean and they opened this restaurant this year.

Actually, Noodle King is one of my project with some friends. The branding (logo, menu, etc) was made by Shendy Subroto (@shendysubroto) and the Interior made by Rhandy Adriyanto (@rhandystudio). And me, I got the photography part, where I have to take a picture of the food for their menu and wall decoration.

The place before was Han-Ok Korean BBQ, and if you remembered the front part was a hallway with a rockwall. But now it's change to a new ambience, with bright white color, touch of black, and wood as the furniture. The inside part is quiet big with darker tone and sofas.
From the outside, I bet you will think that the place is really small, but if you go inside, you will see that the place is quite big.
P.S. Don't worry about your phone's battery, there are electrical sockets in each sitting areas! ;)

And here it is, the food! Let's go to the main menu first. As you can see, the name of the restaurant is Noodle King, so the main menu must be noodles. These two are my favorites.
The left one is Jjampong (IDR 80.7K) and the right one is Jjajangmyeon (IDR 55.2K). They both have a gigantic portion. One portion is enough for 2-3 persons.

You can see that the Jjampong is literally filled with seafood! There's a crab, clamps, prawn, squid, etc. You can choose by yourself if you want the soup to be spicy or not. But believe me, the spicier the better :p And for the Jjajangmyeon, not to be bragging, but I like this Jjajangmyeon better than any jjajangmyeon in town! The sauce have more taste. And of course, you can choose between chicken or pork for you to eat.

For the side dish, there's a lot that you must try.
The first one here is Chapsal Tangsuyuk (IDR 79K), it's a breaded fried pork with sweet & sour sauce. Now they've changed the plate into a bigger plate, so make sure to share it with your friend or family. The second is Mandu Steam (IDR 42.4K), it got 5 pieces of it with their authentic soy sauce.

This big portion of shrimp mayo is Cream Saewo (IDR 63.7K), a deep fried shrimp served with mayonnaise. The shrimp is really crispy and the mayonnaise is deliciously sweet. So good!
Their Jumokbap (IDR 35.6K) served into 3 big rice balls.
And last but not least, Cheese Buldak (IDR 84.9K)!! You can see by yourself that the cheese is plentiful! So, don't hesitate to try this one when you're here.

Actually there's still another menus that they sell, but these all are my favorite one! Make sure you got to try this restaurant because it's so worth it. For the drinks, if you want something that refillable, try order their Ice Tea!

P.S. I heard that they're planning on moving to some mall around South Jakarta. Make sure to keep updated from their Instagram account. I will update the information here too if they move soon. :)

Noodle King's Location:

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia)

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