March 28, 2017


Let's go east! This time, we're going to Asiatale! A modern chinese restaurant located at Senopati, South Jakarta. The place is easy to find, as you can see it right away at the main Senopati street it's big iconic logo, Chinese Wine Jar.

As you can see by yourself, the place's decorated beautifully with a touch of Modern Chinese style. The place have 2 floors, as for the second floor is used for live music or mini-party at Weekend. All of the decoration, murale, etc is really pretty. All the designs are quite consistent, using many oriental elements to compliment the mood there.

Now move on to the food, they served dimsum, soup, appetizer, main courses & alcohol drinks. 
For the dimsum, I have tried most of them but these are the best one for me.

The Dim Sum, here we have,
Lo Mai Gai (IDR 28K) Steamed glutinous rice with chicken in lotus leaf. It's filled with steamed egg yolk. Better share it with someone because it'll make you full in fast! Yum!
Prawn Cheong Fun (IDR 28K) Steamed Vermicelli roll filled with prawn. Overall, good, but the sauce need some touches to complete it.

These two are the appetizers, both are my favorite especially their mayo!!
Grandma Prawn Toast (IDR 42K) Deep fried prawn dough on white bread served with chef's mayo dressing.
Prawn Mayonaise Roll (IDR 55K) Fried oriental shrimp cake roll served with mayonaise. This is everyone's favourite! The shrimp is so juicy and soft. But, for that price, we hope to get more of it, instead of only five.

Chicken & Prawn Shumai (IDR 24K) Minced Chicken & Prawn steamed dumpling topped with fish roe.
Crab & Chicken Xiao Long Bao (IDR 26K) Shanghai dumpling stuffed with crab & chicken. When you bite it, the broth comes out, but the taste, for me it' needs more seasoning.

Deef Fried Fish with Black Bean Sauce (IDR 82K) Fried okay, sauce covered all the plate, plus we got some fried tofu. Perfect eaten with hot rice. Even better on rainy day.

Asiatale Selat Popiah (IDR 43K) Crispy flour cup shape stuffed with mix sauteed vegetables, seafood, chicken, mushroom & ebi sprinkle. One word: Goooooooood.
Deef Fried Fish with Thai Sauce (IDR 68K/170K) Golden deep fried fresh fillet snapper or 300gr fresh whole pomfret fillet with aunthentic thai sauce. Not too special, but still nice to have.

Tiger Prawn Golden Egg Yolk (IDR 125K) Fried tiger prawn sauteed with buttery egg yolk sauce. Whoever cooked this, let's have a high five. Great!
Asiatale Grilled Chicken Wing (IDR 46K) Still got the barbequed smell (which is nice), and the presentation is quite unique.

Asiatale Fried Rice (IDR 63K) Wok fried rice with seafood and crispy ebi with special sauce.
Ho Chiak Fried Kway Teow (IDR 25K/35K/57K) Plain / Duck Egg / Seafood. Wok seared flat rice noodle with secial shifu sambal. Hence the name, ho chiak!

Stay High (IDR 300K) Vodka, Banana Liqueur, Orange Juice, Grenadine Syrup. Enough for 4 person, Got some alcohol, so be careful if you're the driver tonight!
Pinky Sakura (IDR 38K) Guava Juice, Pineapple Juice, Fresh Milk, Vanilla Syrup, Whipped Cream.
"K"Pop (IDR 38K) Kiwi Fruit, Castor Sugar, Kiwi Syrup, Tonik Water.

Overall, my tongue also easy to pleased, so everything is great. If somebody ask me to come back? I'll give them a big thumbs up!

Asiatale's Location:

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia) & HIF Creative (@hifcreative)

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