March 24, 2017


Negiya Donburi has taken a lot of Jakarta people's heart since it first opened at Citywalk Sudirman. I've heard about it for a long time but haven't got a chance to try it. And finally, it's my chance now! :D

Negiya Donburi itself have largen up their company by opening lots of outlet, such as Kota Kasablanka, Pacific Place & PIK Avenue. They're popular with their Menya Gyutandon, For those who can't eat pork/lard, you don't need to worry because Negiya Donburi serves no pork or lard.

This photo that I took at the Citywalk Sudirman's outlet. They got lots of seats, including indoor and some seats outside the outlet. But, another outlets like at Kota Kasablanka and Pacific Place are indoors, and not quite as bright like Citywalk Sudirman's outlet.

The first top menu, Japan Steak Don (IDR108K) is my favourite menu! The sauce is supa delicious and those meats are amazingly juicy. I craved for it already. With fried egg in the middle, completing the meal.

The second favorite is Menya Gyutan Don (IDR81K). The infamous gyutandon, the star of Negiya Donburi! Damn, I miss it so much. That feeling when the thin meat came into your mouth, YUM! A little bit spicy, just what I like.
As for the right one is La Karubi Don (IDR86K). I didn't try it though because there's so much food at that time. :p

As for the photo above, it's Menya Chicken Katsu Don (IDR55K) & Menya Ebi Katsu Don (IDR54K). The difference between them is just the meat, the left one is chicken and the right one is prawn/ebi. They fried the meat pretty good, plus the egg will make you really full.

As for the side dish, you can try their Chicken Fry, Chicken Karaage, Crispy Ebi Fry (IDR27K-32K). For me, the side dish taste is standard like any other fried chicken, but if you're really hungry then you can try this too.

Dessert time! You can try their Ice Cream Mochi, it came in 3 flavours!
For the drinks, they serves ocha, infused water, and also Sjora.

It's a pleasant time there, good food, good service & good place! See you later, Negiya Donburi!

Negiya Donburi's Location

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia) & HIF Creative (@hifcreative)

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