February 11, 2017


Welcoming the newest Gelato Bar in town, straight from Bali! Say hi to Gaya Gelato! Located at the infamous culinary area, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Gaya Gelato succeed to stole our attention!
I've never been to their original place in Ubud, Bali; but I heard that their gelato are good. So, finally now it's my turn to try it!

Their outlet is located in Ruko Crown Golf Boulevard (Sumoboo's Row). The interior is quite classy with touches of natural colors, like brown wood, tiffany blue & some plants to light up the mood, but also some gold to make it looks premium.

The service is good, the staffs is really friendly too. But the seatings is quite a few, like for only 20 people max, I don't know.

For the gelato, they have 22 unique flavours that ready for you to try, such as Vaniglia, Banana, Caffe, Yogurt, Cannela, Lemongrass, Lime, Fragola, Panna Cotta, Tamarillo, Passion Fruit, Pistacchio, Sirsak, Cioccolato, Raw Chocolate, Ginger, Mint, Mango, Pavlova, Coconut, etc.
But when I come some flavours is not available yet. 

You can also ask the staff to try the flavours first before you choose.

For the pricing, they have 2 options of serving: cone and cup.
For cups, the small size (IDR 42K), medium size (IDR 63K) and large size (IDR 84K). For cones, the small size (IDR 47K) and medium size (IDR 68K). They also sell the 500gr size for IDR 189K.

They serve the small size with 2 options of flavours, and for the medium size with 3 options of flavours. 

We bought two small cups with each flavours, Raw Chocolate & Sirsak and Vaniglia & Panna Cotta. From just the four flavours I can say that Gaya Gelato really builds their standard very high, because all the flavours are heavenly.

The Vaniglia is sweet but the unique kind of sweet that you cannot find anywhere. People said that we can judge a restaurant by their very basic dish, and Gaya Gelato really succeed at their Vaniglia (Vanilla). The Panna Cotta is a little too sweet and it was my mistake to mix it with Vaniglia because the fusion result is hurting my teeth, but still, it's great. Maybe if I mix the Panna Cotta with something less flavourful it will came perfectly.

As for the Raw Chocolate, it was really raw that we can taste the bitterness strongly but it still turns out very well. I mix it with Sirsak (I know it's weird lol) and surprisingly they completes each other since the Raw Chocolate is not too sweet and the Sirsak is more dominant in that business. If you like Sirsak, you have to try it because they don't use artificial flavours and you can taste the real fruit meat in your scoops.

Definitely I will come again for some scoops in the future and you should too! :D

Gaya Gelato's Location:

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia) & Shendy Subroto (@shendysubroto

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