January 25, 2017


February 26th, 2012.
I got a chance to meet Wong Fu Productions. :D
Actually, I wasn’t planning to buy any of Wong Fu’s Meet & Greet ticket because I’m not allowed to go.
I was so sad, until at Saturday night (before the day), I was expressing my sadness through twitter, until I found out that one of my cousin (who was working at Yahoo Indonesia) is gonna be the one who interviewing them!
I was so happy to hear that, and contacted her right away! And with a few conversation, she said that she got the last meet & greet ticket for me! It was my first ever going to a meet & greet or any fanmeeting, so I never knew how it goes. Really excited and nervous at the same time! :p
Seeing Philip & Wesley for real was like a dream come true, even though it's not complete without Ted.
When they came in, I didn’t shout like other fans do. I just sit and smile :’)
I guess that's the type of person I am, whenever I'm excited, I can't talk, I can't do anything. I just memorizing the moment with my eyes.

The event was located at XXI Epicentrum Walk, where they shared about their history, experiences, and projects. They even do a first screening of their next short movie "Two After Noon".

Too bad that it's not allowed to take picture inside the venue, so there's nothing that I can show here.

After the show passed, it's time for meet & greet. We have to move to a cafe at Epicentrum Mall, and get in the line to take a picture with Phil & Wes. I have to queue for about 1 hour, until it's my turn to take a photo with them.

It's my turn and I gave my cam to the photographer. I asked him (the photographer) to take it in portrait. At first the photographer didn't' understand, but then Phil said "She wants portrait haha!" Aww Phil, you're really understanding :')

One thing that I regret is that I was too shy, so I didn’t say anything to them and I just go without saying good bye or thank you :"( that feeling tho... I think I was hypnotized by them.

Why I like Wong Fu Productions?
I was really inspired by them, they're the first YouTuber that I like. Their movies and shooting technique inspired me a lot. Especially their Wong Fu Weekend, is what I waited every weekend!
For me, Wong Fu Productions is the most awesome movie maker, they grew up from 2008 until now and their progression is amazing! The storyline, everything, is so beautiful.

Here's some of the video that I really like:

It's been 5 years now since I met them. I really hope one day I get a chance to meet them again. Even though it's been a long time, but their works is still amazing.
Please come to Indonesia again! We really miss you guys!
Feel free to contact me if you need an EO to arrange your event here! :p

Keep inspiring!

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