July 27, 2017


Glad to finally tried Warung Sinsa! It's been a while! Sinsa Ramyun was here at Muara Karang but suddenly, they're gone. But now, they're here again, moving to a new place and new concept, Warung Sinsa. Worry not, their past menus are still available in Jjigae House, with a little add on, here and there.

Here in Warung Sinsa, they came with new concept by serving some skewers and of course, Indomie with Korean-style.

Warung Sinsa is located at Jl. Muara Karang Raya, right after Viverri Coffee. Open from 12 PM until 12 AM, but closed on Tuesdays. If you're looking for them, look for their iconic yellow color, and you will find them! The place is divided into two parts, indoor with AC, and outdoor.

Now for the food, this one is "Indomie Kuah a la Korea" + Egg + Spam, priced at IDR 24K. If you like spicy food, they also have the spicy version!
And for the other one, "Indomie Goreng a la Korea" + Egg + Sausage, also priced at IDR 24K. The spicy version is exciting, because I do love spicy food!

They also serve another kind of toppings, such as Chicken, Chicken Skin, Beef, Cheese, etc.

Here is the skewers!
There are some fried Chicken, Chicken Skin, Beef, Riceball (IDR 5K/pc), Pork Belly, Beef Sausage, Chicken Sausage, Fish Ball, Crab Stick (IDR 9K/pc), Corn, Bacon, etc! Prices are various for some skewers.

They also have Indomie + Skewers Package for better price if you want to try both. 

They also have soju to complete your night if you want to experience authentic Korean warung. Now they also serve rice bowl and bingsoo! But I haven't tried them yet. Maybe, soon!

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia)

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