December 21, 2015


I always had an eye every time I passed Sinsa Ramyun's Muara Karang outlet. And I was really happy when I got the invitation to try their new outlet at Taman Kemang! If you couldn't found the place, actually this outlet was The Stacks Burger before, right beside LIN Artisan Ice Cream. The place's quiet big, with lots of yellow and black colour.

Too bad that the place is kinda dark with lots of yellow light. Also it's kinda hot in there, I guess the air conditioner is not working pretty well, and too much mosquitoes. Doesn't even know where they came from :'(

I started my lunch with 3 of their appetizers,  Tteokbokki (IDR 38K), Chicken With Cheese (IDR 28K), and Chili Honey Chicken Wing (IDR 28K).  My favourite one amongst this three is the Chicken With Cheese! Although it didn't come like what I expected, which is the cheese still melts. But, unfortunately, the cheese is already cold and dried. The least one that I like is the Tteokbokki, the taste is rather standard like the other Tteokbokki in other place.

For the main course, I got to choose the Kimchi Ramyun (Soup); Regular - IDR 54K and Large - 74K. Although the appearance looks so red and spicy, but the taste is not spicy at all. I bet the red colour is from the kimchi. I like this one a lot, the egg is sweet and the soup's taste kinda sweet and sour at the same time. I like it!

As for the other main courses, I didn't got a chance to try it much because it's my friend's. So, let me take you to have a peek of what's looks like!

The first one is the Galbi Ramyun (Soup); Regular - IDR 54K and Large IDR - 74K. For Galbi Ramyun & Kimchi Ramyun, they have another version which is dry with the same price. And the second one is Galbi Rice; Regular - IDR 44K and Large - IDR 64K.

The unique thing about their Ramyun is that you can also "Make Your Own Ramyun". You can choose from which kind of the meat, Galbi or Kimchi, Soup or Dry. And you can select your own topping! They have a lot of choices, from Sliced Beef, Beef Ribs, Beef Sausage, Smoked Beef, Spicy Chicken, Chicken Sausage, Prawn, Tteok Rice Cake, Cheese, Corn, Shimeji and Shoyu Egg. Well the price is also more expensive than the normal menu. But it's worth the try!

Last but not least is the drink. The drink itself also being served with the unique aluminium basket, just like the food. The bottom one is their popular The Big Bang Mocktail (IDR 42K), I honestly really like this Mocktail, because it doesn't taste bitter at all, not too sweet, and really fresh at the same time.

Hopefully Sinsa Ramyun will get better in time.  I personally will come back to try the other menu!

Sinsa Ramyun's Location:

Photos by Monica Lauricia (@monicalauricia) & Shendy Subroto (@shendysubroto

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